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Essex Arb COMMON NAME: Field Maple
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Acer campestre
Essex Arb

The Field Maple is a native tree which can grow up to 25m tall, but often reaches only 10-15m in height or smaller when coppiced regularly. It is found mainly on Lime-rich soils in woodland often as an understorey to Oak, or in scrub and hedges.

Title - Plant Hire

 Quality Seasoned Firewood
We produce quality seasoned logs and firewood, for sale by delivery and are competitively priced. These are sold by the cubic metre.

Our wood continues to come from local and sustainable sources. Our supply of hardwood split logs which are mainly Hornbeam, Ash, Field Maple and Oak, have been well seasoned to ensure the moisture content is lower giving more heat and fewer residues when burning. For maximum burning efficiency, we recommend bringing your logs indoors the day before using them so they are house dry.

In addition to hardwood logs, we are pleased to offer the following products:
  • softwood logs (Pine / Poplar) for log burners
  • kindling
  • we can also supply timber in the round (3m lengths)
For current prices (inclusive of delivery within a 20 mile radius on orders over £70*) please call us on 01621 778699 or email us now at info@essexarb.co.uk

* min order of 2 cubic metres on deliveries over 20 miles with a charge of £1/mile thereafter
Essex Arb - Pic
Essex Arb - Pic